Webinar - Reinvention

Thu Mar 25, 09:00 - Thu Mar 25, 10:00
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Open Conversational Webinars with Futures Alchemist, Charlotte Kemp

Irrelevant. Inexperienced. Outdated. Old fashioned. These are judgments made about too many professionals’ experience and the reason why so many previously suitable candidates can no longer get good positions.

In a fast paced, VUCA world, we need to be on constant guard that our skills, experience and qualifications are relevant to the current and future requirements of our career choices. Or, should we be living longer and healthier and want to change career paths because old options are not redundant, then we need to retool, re-qualify, reinvent ourselves to become relevant again for the needs of employers or clients.

We need to reinvent both ourselves and our organisations.

To fail to keep our skills and mindsets and experience up-to-date, is to guarantee that we will fall behind and become irrelevant. There are sufficient positions in the market place, but only for those who are ready to reinvent themselves to remain relevant to the market.

Think future proofing your career or consultancy. Think being future-fit for a new purpose. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, we cannot afford to become complacent.

In this conversational webinar we will look at approaches to reinvention and ways to remain up to date and relevant for our clients and employers.

Your Presenter

Charlotte Kemp is a professional futurist, member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the Deputy President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. She also represents PSASA on the South African Events Council where robust discussion informs practical decisions about the state of the events industry that has been severely affected by COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Charlotte also wrote the book ‘Futures Alchemist’.

Conversational Webinars

These webinars are open and free for anyone to attend. After some initial input from Charlotte Kemp, introducing and explaining concepts and models, we will discuss amongst the participants, what these models mean for our own circumstances and how we might apply them to make real and relevant changes to our futures.

No prior knowledge or understanding is required to participate in these sessions. Please feel free to share with interested colleagues.

For other events presented by Charlotte Kemp, please see this page and subscribe for updates. https://charlottekemp.co.za/public-events/

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Age restriction Family friendly
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