Acting in Authenticity for 2021: Getting Out of Autopilot

Sat Jan 23, 19:00 - Sat Jan 23, 21:00


As we go into 2021, mass-scale changes and shifts are continuing across the globe. It would be nothing new to say the last year has been a uniquely challenging one, but because of this many of us are stepping into 2021 with a new kind of energy. Rebirth is happening at a global scale. In times of change and rebirth however, we can sometimes find ourselves falling back into old patterns, old habits and ways of being. In this circle we will be looking at setting our new intentions for 2021, and how we can live in authenticity according to these intentions without falling back into the autopilot of old ways.

Join us for an evening of guided meditations, creative exercises and group sharing to collectively set our aims for the year ahead and look at ways that we can remain in truth with these purposes, without relapsing into old ways of being. Rebirth is happening and to step into the new, we must step out of autopilot and live with authenticity!

If this resonates, please join us for our first circle of the year! This will be taking place as a virtual gathering over Zoom.

You will get the meeting ID and password for the Zoom meeting via email 15 minutes before it starts. Please try connect 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start so we can sort out any technical issues before we begin.

We ask that you have a candle with you so that we may light them together as a circle. Please also have with you a journal or paper to write, and some water or something to drink. We encourage you to set up your area to be as comfortable, safe and sacred a space to you as possible. We may not be able to gather together in one place, but we can allocate a certain time and space out of our daily routine to be a sacred time for ourselves, so we invite you to cherish that for yourself.

(Event page art: Ex Oriente Lux: The Magician by Željko Tonšic)

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