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Thu Mar 18, 09:00 - Thu Mar 18, 10:00
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Open Futures Keynotes by Futures Alchemist, Charlotte Kemp

It is no longer enough to be a conscious leader. As we approach the third decade of the 21st Century, completely unprepared for the global disruption we have experienced, we need to be more than just invested leaders. We need to be more than responsible consumers. We need to become conscious futurists.

So much conflict that we experience today comes from the abrasion between old and new values, old and new systems, old and new technologies. Rather than conscious choose how we will act and what changes we will adopt, many people unthinkingly either adopt or reject what is new. If we do not stop to contemplate, consider, philosophise a little over the changes we are choosing, then we end up in conflict trying to defend or reject something we have not taken the time to understand. That sounds overwhelming, I know, but just a little contemplation, a little more conscious choice will allow us to co-create a better future. 

We have the opportunity to shape our lives, businesses and world, into something that is better than it was. If we only repair what has been broken, we will waste a perfect opportunity to recast the world into something more valuable, more sustainable, and more beneficial to more people and stakeholders.

Being a Conscious Futurist means you grasp the challenge to go beyond the obvious to design a better future.

We can move up a spiral from levels of Survival, through Responsible and Invested to being Conscious Futurist and more.

  • We are all natural futurists, and we can improve our skills in this area.
  • There is a good business case for being a conscious leader, a conscious company and a conscious futurist.
  • It is possible to move up the Spiral of Consciousness to craft better responses to your current and future challenges.

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Charlotte Kemp is a professional futurist, member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the Deputy President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. She also represents PSASA on the South African Events Council where robust discussion informs practical decisions about the state of the events industry that has been severely affected by COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Charlotte also wrote the book ‘Futures Alchemist’.

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