Futures Literacy - The Professional Development Skill we are missing

Thu Feb 11, 09:00 - Thu Feb 11, 10:00
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Open Futures Keynotes by Futures Alchemist, Charlotte Kemp

For professionals and leaders who need to constantly develop their professional skills, Futures Literacy is an essential but often neglected field. Within the field of Futures Thinking or Strategic Foresight, this skill is the introduction to a powerful world of insight, models and approaches that can help you to steer your organisation through crises to success.

If we do not understand the alphabet or the language of a country or a profession, then we cannot communicate clearly in that space. We are unable to read the signs, heed the warnings, see the opportunities. We are illiterate and vulnerable.

Many people feel vulnerable in the world at the moment. Rapid and extraordinary changes in technology, communication, politics, rules and laws, travel, not to mention the shared global experience of a pandemic, has left many people reeling, anxious, lost and unable to plan for the future. Learning Futures Literacy allows us to get a handle on this conversation so that we can prepare.

Learning a new language is a challenging but incredibly insightful experience. Not only are you introduced to a new culture, new thoughts and ideas, new approaches to everyday issues, but you also begin to reflect on your own language more. You begin to appreciate how your language structures your thoughts and expectations and perhaps you get some insight into why other cultures approach problems differently.

This insight can be applied to how we think about the future. If you have ever uttered “I never saw that coming” or if you have ever fretted over the question “What could we have done differently?” then an understanding of Futures Literacy would help you read those signs and speak that language.

Futures Literacy will

  1. Enable you to read the signs of changing trends and fads, and find unique markets in those spaces.
  2. Help you handle the emotions and anxiety about the fast paced world, for yourself and those around you.
  3. Allow you to prepare for the future, regardless of how it changes. Think ‘future-proof’ or ‘future-fit’.
  4. Give you an appreciation of time, and the power of time to build your assets, whether financial or skills.

The Presenter

Charlotte Kemp is a professional futurist, member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the Deputy President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. She also represents PSASA on the South African Events Council where robust discussion informs practical decisions about the state of the events industry that has been severely affected by COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Charlotte also wrote the book ‘Futures Alchemist’.

Open sessions

These Open Futures Keynotes are free to attend by anyone interested in the topic. Please feel free to share with interested colleagues.

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