Emotional Intelligence Train-the-Trainer

Wed May 12, 08:00 - Fri May 14, 15:00


Emotional Intelligence Train-the-Trainer

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Join us as we learn how to facilitate Emotional Intelligence Training and become a subject matter expert. Once you are certified as the EQ Trainer you will be able to equip partners, colleagues and clients with not only the tools to understand their own emotions, but with how to apply it to be more impactful and productive.

Date: May 12-14 2021


Time: 8h00-16h00

NON-IPM Price: R9999.00

IPM Price:R8999.00

Emotions drive behaviour and provide the spark that energises life and work. They can bring magic or misery. Despite their power, organisations often discount and dismiss them or struggle to equip leaders to make strategic use of emotions. Practically all human behaviour concerns have roots in the emotional issues that drive them. Whether it is disciplinary issues, performance issues, creativity,negotiation, team cohesiveness, organisational climate,sales, employee engagement, cultural climate and diversity integration, health and safety, employee wellbeing, stress, personal energy management or burnout, employee engagement, coaching, leadership, emotions play a pivotal role. This is why every leader needs Emotional Intelligence Certification in their toolbox. Emotions percolate every aspect of our lives including social, career, health, relationships, spirituality and finances. There is an increasing number of people seeking help regarding issues relating to increased anxiety, stress, depression, self esteem, leadership challenges, financial challenges and sleep deprivation to name a few. 

Getting Certified will help you and your organisation to:

  • Have an internal resource to manage emotional issues that come up and proactively activate achievement emotions within the organisation
  • Learn from leading EQ professionals how to raise emotional intelligence in yourself and in others 
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence, why it matters and gain new tools to apply immediately to transform your relationships at work, at home, even at school starting with yourself 
  • Gain insights into 6 today's key topics impacted by impacted or influenced by emotions:
  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Innovation & Creativity 
  3. Critical Conversations 
  4. Neuro-Inclusion 
  5. Employee Engagement 
  6. Leadership & Employee Wellbeing
  • You will receive a complete workshop facilitation package (Facilitator guide, Learner Manual, Powerpoint Slides)
  • Case Studies
  • Personality Type Report 
  • Access to network team members, including opportunity to bring our staff to co-present with you
  • Powerful training and education tools
  • One on one coaching for 6 weeks

We can bring Emotional Intelligence Training to your premises for your team:

Managing Emotions for Success in the Workplace In-House Training, Request a Quote

EQ Certification is a course that will help you develop your EQ in a transformational experience of personal and professional growth with a world-class team of international emotional intelligence educators.

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