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We are extremely excited to start this new chapter and adventure in our life together. 

Ryan (29) and I (30) have been planning to immigrate to Canada for a good few years and we want to set a goal that by year 2022, the four of us. Ryan, myself (Ashleigh) and our two fur babies Rocket (pug) and Astros (Boston), Will finally make that dream come true. 

Ryan is very fortunate to already be a Canadian citizen. Unfortunately I myself will need to go through the whole process of applying and also applying for our two boys. 

This is where we will need all our amazing family and friends help. 

my application process will cost us close to R50000 for my express visa and PR. 

Phase 1 R25000, case manager R2500 and IELTS R4500 and phase 2 R2500. Police clearance certificate R3000 and medical Clearance Certificate R12000.

The two boys applications, vet certificates and transportation will cost us close to R100000.

Then our start up to have CAD once we do immigrate to Canada would need to be close to $1600 each, as recommended by the Canadian embassy, and immigration consultants.

This is why we have been encouraged by one of our amazing family members to start a “gofundme” page.  We are extremely blessed to have all our family and friends by our side, supporting us for this next big step. 

South Africa will always be a big part of who we are and where our roots will always be, but we as young adults are ready to start a new life together in another beautiful country, Canada. 

Therefore we ask please share our story and please help us with any small donations. We will take you all on this journey together with us. Sharing every step of the way of our progress. 

Thank you all again for your continuous love and support. We are extremely blessed for this great opportunity. 

God Bless you all From The Small Bergstrom Family Ryan, Ash, Rocket and Astros 

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