Strengthen your body's immunity naturally – an interactive webinar (30 Jan'21)

Sat Jan 30, 14:45 - Sat Jan 30, 17:30
Online via Zoom


Are you looking for ways to enhance your overall wellbeing & strengthen your immune system?

We'd love to support you!

Join Adele & our guest speaker for an interactive webinar to empower yourself & your family with knowledge and simple practices to strengthen your immunity & overall wellbeing naturally.

Fear, worry & concern reduce when we are empowered with knowledge & tools, which frees our immune system to focus on its main purpose to protect our body from infections. 

Strengthening our immunity requires a holistic & integrative approach. 

This is an extensive topic, as our immune system is a complex network of physiological processes, influenced strongly by our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual states of being. Everything is ultimately interconnected.

This webinar’s purpose is to provide some understanding of the power you have to restore & rejuvenate yourself with practical “out of the general known box” advice to incorporate in your daily life. The webinar will therefore not cover details on the more complex aspects of the immune system, like autoimmune disorders.

In this interactive Strengthening-Immunity-Naturally webinar we will share:

·        What it means to have a holistic & integrative wellbeing approach

·        Specific “life force enhancing” movements and a “lung strengthening” breathing technique

·        How to draw on nature’s healing & restorative support

·        Which “life force rich” food & natural herbal remedies, from the roots of Africa, supports the immune system & reduces anxiety

·        Various healing modalities to explore if you struggle with chronic / long standing health challenges, that doesn’t seem to shift after years of treatment

·        Web links to a few insightful articles, videos & other resources

Date: Saturday 30 January 2021 

Time: Registration and settling in from 2:45pm, the webinar starts at 3pm and ends at 5:30pm (SA time, GMT +2)


- EARLY BIRD of R260 p.p. if paid

by 24 January

- R350p.p; R600 per family

Bookings made easy via the secure Quicket platform.

For more details, contact Adele via the Earth Alchemy Facebook page, Messenger or WhatsApp 082 450 7296.

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About your facilitator - Adéle Smith

Wellbeing practitioner, Qigong & Tai Chi teacher, Spiritual advisor

Adéle supports individuals & families to improve their health, wellbeing & relationships; feel confident &

strong within themselves, grow resilience; and to deepen their understanding of themselves, connect with their unique authentic essence, strengths and higher calling. 

She offers this through “Spiritual guidance & counselling” consultations, Transpersonal Numerology readings, nature retreats, and Qigong & Tai Chi classes to strengthen the flow of life force energy, integrating body -mind-heart-breath.

As an African indigenous healing practitioner (Traditional healer), she also offers healing treatments and blessing ceremonies, readings, transformation of ancestral wounds, property cleansing and protection.

Adéle spent her childhood in nature, on a plot next to a koppie (hill) with her winged and four-legged friends. Dysfunctional relationships in childhood plus chronic health-related issues followed her into adulthood. She began a life-long journey to seek out ideas, tools and teachings to better understand the creation and experience of vitality, overall wellbeing, connection & harmony.

During her journey Adéle has connected and studied with great teachers, masters and medicine people, drawing from various traditions and knowledge systems, including African indigenous medicine, & Shamanism, Ayurveda, Taoism & Chinese medicine (incorporating Qigong, Tai Chi & Wu Ji Gong), Buddhism, Mindfulness, systems of Reiki, BodyTalk, Family Constellations and Transpersonal Numerology.

Adele’s wish for all beings is that we live our destiny fully in every moment, with wellbeing, joy & peace, free from suffering.

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Age restriction Family friendly
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