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Animals have no voice and without the hard work, the sacrifice of the dedication of earth angels like Joan Nel, founder, and owner of Shalom Animal Rescue Centre and her team set in the heart of Schweizer-reneke, North West Province, South Africa, so many animals would have no chance at all. We see to all animals domestic or wild in Schweizer-reneke and all surrounding areas. Shalom receives no government funding and Joan, her family and teamwork tirelessly to rescue the abandoned, neglected, injured and abused animals, often foregoing their own needs, to feed, re-home, rehabilitate and rescue animals in need and not one person involved receives a salary, this is done voluntarily.

The shelter is not only a safe haven for dogs and cats; they also rescue and rehabilitate all manner of creatures and critters, including birds, hedgehogs, horses and donkeys. She also feeds feral cat colonies and township animals daily and tries her best to assist with their medical needs wherever possible. The sad reality is that each and every month Shalom needs at least R45 000 to just survive – and this excludes all the other essentials, like veterinary care, petrol to get out in the field and feeding township pets. Joan and her team are constantly networking for funding, sponsorship to make sure the animal's needs are met, the team do this all with their own data and money. With the help of a few close animal-loving friends and supporters and her devoted family,

Joan has managed to keep the shelter going since 2013, but they are now in dire straights and urgently need support in order to continue their work. No donation is too small and all manner of support would be greatly appreciated; from financial assistance for running costs and vet care to pet food and building supplies. 

Shalom’s needs are as follows:

Shelter Rent: R4500

Shelter Vehicle Insurance Shelter Vehicle Payment R4200 + R1400 = R5600

Shelter Vehicle Diesal +/- R3000

Medical Expenses subject to change from month to month Dewormer, Shampoo, Dip for tick and flea control, blankets, dog houses, bowels subject to change from month to month

100kg x 2 bags per week – Horse Ransoon 50kg – 300 x 8 = 2400 30 bale’s of Lucurn a month30 bale’s x 90 = R2700

40kg dog food daily for Shelter dogs – 35kg costs R360 35kg x 30 – 1200kg – R360 = R10 800 + R360 x 1 x 35kg extra to make 40kg per day 35kg x 31 – 1240kg – R360 = R11 160 + R360 x 1 x 35kg extra to make 40kg per day 100kg dog food for the Township Animals weekly 35kg x 12 – 420kg - R360 = R4320

10kg Cat Food daily for the Shelter cats – 10kg costs R290 10kg x 30 - 300kg – R290 = R8700 10kg x 31 – 310kg – R290 = R8990 10kg cat food for the Feral Stations weekly 10kg x 4 – 40kg = R1160

Kitty and puppy milk are subject to change with the number of babies at the Shelter needing it.

Ultimately our dream wish list will enable us to shelter and feed our animals each and every month, transport them to the vet when necessary, access animals in need of rescue or care and improve our facilities so that our precious souls are at the very least always dry and warm with food in their little bellies.

Shalom Animal Rescue Centre is eternally grateful to those who continue to support us and look forward to welcoming new supporters to the family.

We look forward to this sharing this very special journey with you.

Contact no's: Joan Nel - +27 82 960 0131 Leanne Crystal - +27 61 490 5879

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