Online Meditation Class - The Beauty in Meditation - Tuesday 26th Jan 2021

Tue Jan 26, 18:30 - Tue Jan 26, 19:30


A Life of Limitless Possibilities - Tuesday 26th January 2021

Topic : The Beauty in Meditation

In this series, Buddhist Nun, Gen Kelsang Mila, will be helping you to find the beauty in meditation , helping to focus your mind in meditation.

She will also introduce the wisdom teachings on Emptiness, as a method to reduce distractions, uncomfortable feelings and bring greater peace of mind.

 "There is no greater method for experiencing peace of mind and happiness than to understand and meditate on emptiness" - Modern Buddhism, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. 

The book Modern Buddhism is available as a free ebook and will be used as a reference for this series.

We would love you to see you. 


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