Going From Idea to Getting Clients - Interactive Workshop

Sat Jan 23, 10:00 - Sat Jan 23, 13:00


If you feel you are not fully living up to your God-given purpose and have been day-dreaming of starting a business then join the Purpose-Led Club* for an interactive workshop that will help get you from idea to clients.

The workshop agenda (23 January 2021):

10h00 – 10h15 - Introductions: who is in the room

10h15 – 10h45 - Foundations: The MAP (Motivation-Aptitude-Passion) and PVP Frameworks to assess at least 3 business ideas

10h45 – 11h00 - Brainstorming session

11h00 – 11h15 - Tea break

11h15 – 12h00 - Getting quick wins - Where and how to attract your ideal clients

12h00 – 12h45 - Practicing the approach

12h45 – 13h00 - Wrap-up, recap and next steps


Normal tickets are R750 but Early bird tickets are available at R350 (a 46% discount) until the 26th of December 2020 or until tickets last (whichever comes first):


What if I already have a business idea?


That is fine, bring that idea and we will help you assess it against your God-given purpose, if better ideas come up then that helps save you time and energy, if your initial idea wins out then that is great too.


What if I want to write a book?


A book is a product. So this Program will still be relevant.


What if, I have many business ideas?


If you are truly passionate about several business ideas, then we will use our approach to get traction with one of these ideas.


Which one? The one you feel is the closest match to your current abilities and your current circumstances.


Nobody says you can’t, in time, launch several businesses.


What if I do not want to launch a business, but rather a non-profit?


The principles remain the same, since non-profits have business models.

A business model is made up of four main components: value proposition, processes, resources and revenue stream. Since non-profits require resources, revenue models and processes to deliver value to their beneficiaries, they thus all have business models to support their missions.


What if I want to postpone or cancel my participation.


If you need to postpone your participation for unavoidable personal reasons, we can arrange postponement till the next Workshop dates, expected to be in May 2021, however no refunds will be allowed.  


Can I afford this right now?


How long can you afford to put-off your dreams?


Is this in-person?


The workshop will be online, until Covid permits.

*Started as a sort of Alcoholics Anonymous for those who want to fully live their purpose, the Purpose-led Club is a community for its members to inspire, advise and keep each other accountable to living their purpose. We meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the Month, join our LinkedIn group here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13687144//3327202190710726/


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