Fire & ICE Breakfast and Intention Setting - Durban

Sat Jan 23, 08:30 - Sat Jan 23, 12:30
The Office 97


Our popular yearly breakfast and intention setting workshop...because traditional goal setting is soooo blase!

Are you tired of hearing "Make this year your best year EVER!"??? Yes, we all knew what happened last time.

So, I do not promise that!

But I will give you tools to:

-Learn to ask Better Questions!

-Use sustainable practices going forward

-Use your BODY again

-Understand your Purpose and Passion

-Make it REAL in 2021 (or whatever year)

Venue: The Office, 97 Innes Rd, Morningside, KZN

Time: 08h30 - 1pm.

R350 includes a delicious veg breakfast.

Bookings: Contact [email protected] or 082 741 9578.

We do not have the answers, so we need to ask different, and better, questions

We do not have all our resources, so we need to develop our own sustainable practices and intentions

We DO have all the wisdom, but we need to learn to use and listen to our bodies again

We need to re-ignite – and stoke - our fire, purpose and passion

And we certainly need to ensure your wellness in ALL areas of our lives.

Fire & ICE is all about connecting with our spark, passion, vitality, YET at the same time sustaining you with what you require to function – and THRIVE – in this world.

I work through a few sustainable practices to ensure this, opening the window for you to know and live according to (or remind you of):

• Your core values

• How you show up

• The stories, beliefs and consciousnesses that prevent you from this

• Transforming your energy, and so, transforming the world

• Your vision, and knowing what is required to turn it into reality

• Key practices for everyday fulfilment

Nothing could have prepared us. Yet, everything has prepared us. We were born for these times!

What do the people who attend my workshops have in common?

- They realize more than ever what is important in life and want to focus on that...

- They’ve had enough and want to make sustainable changes for themselves...

- They want embody and express more consciousness and love in the world…

- They realize they think and live differently to most other people…

- They place a high value on their holistic wellbeing…

- They want to do better than they have done yesterday…

If you can relate, you’ll feel at home. Many of my workshop attendees are recurring, existing clients and people who have attended my retreats. Why? Because they connect with the energy, vitality, and inspiration. Again and again.

And of course I would love to welcome you in!

About my workshop style:

The format of my workshops can be described as a conscious teaching-style, with a deliberate and warm creation of online space for you to explore. My workshops include meditations, sensory journeys, and encouragement to peek within yourself, and to peel some of the conditioned layers. I pride myself also on giving practical tools! I also keep it relatively contained to encourage, connection. Sharing is optional, but encouraged to enrich the experience for yourself and for other participants. I trust you will find this time together safe, supportive, inspiring, insightful and magnificent.

Proof of payment to secure, call/whatsapp Celeste at 082 741 0578.

Bank details:

Celeste Du Toit T/A YES Paradigm


Acc No: 1078315442

Branch: 198765

Reference: 'YourName'

....Or use the ticket link in the event.

About Celeste:

Celeste Du Toit is a transformational Life Coach, Holistic therapist and bodyworker, and workshop facilitator in Durban. She is the founder of YES Paradigm Coaching, a provider of self-awareness and empowerment programs, workshops and retreats.

Her approach is transformational. The premise is that empowerment starts within, so it is essential to identify and change limiting beliefs and inhibiting patterns that are keeping us stuck. She uses deeply transformational dialogue, Kahuna massage and bodywork, Reiki and other therapies in her repertoire, as well as inspiring with her presence, passion and vitality for life.

What participants of previous Fire & ICE workshops say:

“Hours spent well, excellent!”

“Would recommend to anyone”

“I came looking for ….. I got so much more!”

“Action-orientated, not just motivational”

“…Thoroughly enjoyed…lot of food for thought”

“Practical. Interesting. Inspiring. Empowering.”

“Will definitely attend more..”

“Very good! Eye-opening.”

“exuded tranquil energy…resonated deeply”

“Celeste …so easy to get on with…felt so comfortable…”

“learned something from every point”

“very enriching experience”

Hope to see you there!

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Fire & ICE Breakfast and Intention Setting - Durban
The Office 97
97 Innes Rd, Windermere, Berea, 4001
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