Introduction to Impact Investing

Fri Apr 9, 15:00 - Wed Apr 14, 17:00


It has never been clearer that the world is shifting towards sustainability and impact. Enterprises are focused on making a difference on the ground, financial institutions are increasingly aligning their financial objectives with impact and asset owners are directing their capital in a sustainable way, but what is the impact investing ecosystem really and how does it operate?


To answer these and other questions around the fundamentals of impact investing, the Bertha Centre has designed a series of masterclasses as an introduction to impact investing. These interactive online workshops will use a blended learning approach that allows participants to listen to pre-recorded lecture sessions on the session topics when it is most convenient to them and then during designated class times, they will then virtually engage with the speakers from those videos in large and small group discussions.


This course has been developed with multiple stakeholder groups in mind. So whether you're an entrepreneur, consultant, fund manager or asset owner, and have questions around the core elements of impact investing - this course is for you!


Masterclass topics - 9th, 12th and 14th of April 2021:

·        Session 1: Impact Investing Ecosystem & Themes of Impact and Asset Classes 

·        Session 2: Fundamentals of Impact Measurement and Management & Theory of Change

·        Session 3: The Impact Investment Process

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