50Plus-Skills Conference - Health and Wellness

Thu Feb 11, 10:00 - Thu Feb 11, 11:30


50Plus-Skills and Just Retirement Specialists are hosting an online event on  Health and Wealth Fitness for the 50+                                        

We need to manage our health and wealth to ensure a better future.

Lynda Smith: CEO of 50Plus-Skills

Social and Emotional well-being are key intangible assets on our balance sheet

Deane Moore: CEO of Just Retirement Specialists

To help secure a better later life, you should consider solutions that balance security and flexibility based on your financial needs. 

Hannah Raath: CEO of Silver Fit

 Optimising strength and fitness as we age

Jenny Reid: CEO of The Orange.

 Nutrition tips as we advance in years. 

Join us and engage via breakout rooms

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