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Ready to rock YOUR money strategy in 2021!?

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***Speaker 1 - Kristine Tudhope***

Meet our Speaker

Our First speaker for January - Kristine Tudhope - qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2015 and moved into entrepreneurship after spending some time in the industry. With exposure to finance, reporting, operations, logistics, and other functions in corporate, she is uniquely positioned to bring her financial know-how, coupled with an understanding of operations and technology to her clients.

She recognises the need for support, encouragement and knowledge that other entrepreneurs have, because she feels it too! Kristine has a passion for seeing people unlock their full potential and has taken on the privilege of serving other entrepreneurs and business owners with enthusiasm through her training and financial consulting services.

She started UPvisor in 2018, and we currently focus on unlocking your business potential by improving your profitability and your workforce’s productivity! We EQUIP business owners with the relevant financial skills, and become your EXECUTING business partner to free you up to focus on what matters most – your strategy and operations – and leave the finances to us.

It’s all in the expertise

Kristine started UPvisor in 2018, and currently, she is focused on unlocking business potential by improving profitability, and both the leaders’ and the workforce’s productivity! She EQUIPS business owners with the relevant financial skills, and becomes their EXECUTING business partner to free them up to focus on what matters most – their strategy and operations – and leave the finances to her.

It’s safe to say that she specifically specialises in the areas of:

- Financial Training and Consulting

Do you know why Kristine supports Future Females? We asked her:

”Entrepreneurship is a skill that should be taught much earlier, and not only through experience. Instead, learn from others that have gone before you, and create community of connection around this..which is exactly what the co-founders of Future Females have done!”

Kristine’s Financial Tips (TuesdayTips, Did You Know, Reminder, Expenditures vs ROI)

DYK: Money is dirty. - We’ve all heard how dirty money is and how reportedly there are traces of cocaine on 90% of paper money, but did you know that money is dirtier than a household toilet? How about the fact that the flu virus can live on a bill for up to 17 days!

DYK: The “Rule of 72” can help determine how long it will take for you to double your initial investment at any rate of return. Just divide 72 by the expected rate of return to get the estimated number of years it will take to double the original amount.

Tip: Evaluate Purchases by Cost Per Use - It may seem more financially responsible to buy a trendy R50 shirt than a basic R300 shirt—but only if you ignore the quality factor! When deciding if the latest tech toy, kitchen gadget, or apparel item is worth it, factor in how many times you’ll use it or wear it. For that matter, you can even consider the cost per hour for experiences!

Reminder: Pay yourself! If you're running a small business, it can be easy to try and put everything into day-to-day operations. After all, that extra capital can often go a long way in helping your business grow. Alexander Lowry, a professor, and director of the master of science in financial analysis program at Gordon College, said small business owners shouldn't overlook their own role in the company and should compensate themselves accordingly. You want to ensure that your business and personal finances are in good shape. "Many SMB owners, especially at the outset, neglect to pay themselves," he said. "They [believe] it's more important to get the business up and running and pay everyone else. But, if the business doesn't work out, you won't have ever paid yourself. Remember, you're part of the business and you need to compensate yourself as much as you pay others.

Focus on expenditures, but also ROI. Measuring expenditures and return on investment can give you a clear picture of what investments make sense and which may not be worth continuing. Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation, said small business owners should be wary of where they spend their money. "Focus on the ROI that comes with each of your expenditures," she said. "Not doing this means that you can lose money on irrelevant or bad spending bets. Know where you are spending your hard-earned dollars and how that investment is paying off. If it isn't paying off, cut back and spend a bit more on the initiatives that do work for you and your business."

Who does Kristine follow?

We asked Kristine about her role models and why/how she relates to them. She had the following to say… We thought it was worth sharing:

- John Maxwell & Craig Groeschel – everyone gets better when a leader gets better. Plus you need to learn how to lead yourself first before you can lead anyone else.

- Harvard Business Review – keeping up to date with trends and business insights

- Tech that Matters – technology is there to make a difference in our lives if we use it correctly. How are you putting it to use?

Kristine also supports local! Which is her favourite local shop? She asked us if her service providers count? We said yes, and she said DigiAlt!

Kristine is anything but boring!

She has been skydiving. It was one of the most traumatising experiences of her life, but it makes for a good story and she is still here to make a difference in our lives! Funny enough, her favourite colour depends on her mood but is usually most hues of blue - like the sky!

Kristine does archery and parkour, but (Pro Tip) never at the same time

She has a heart for Africa and wants to roll out entrepreneurship training to rural Kenya.

***Speaker 2***

Meet our Speaker

Our Second speaker for January - Hiten Keshave - operates with the highest integrity as an accomplished and responsible leader as he fulfills his role as “The Unconventional CA”.

His modern approach to empowering individuals through mentorship and hands-on assistance is what distinguishes him as an individual and disruptive leader. His guidance, mentoring, and training to businesses and individuals, resonates in the success stories of individuals under his leadership.

It’s all in the expertise...

Hiten uses knowledge, gained through practical real-life experiences, is used to assist businesses to be sustainable for the future. He specifically specialises in the areas of:



-Mindset Behaviour

-Bottom-Up Leadership

Do you know why Hiten supports Future Females? We asked him:

”We need more empowerment and equality to be showing through the hidden talent, and future females is a good platform that voices this to the public.”

Age is just a number!

We asked Hiten to tell us something interesting, and he did not disappoint! Did you know? A whopping 60% of people who start small businesses are between the ages of 40 and 60! #FastFact

Who does Hiten follow?

We asked Hiten about his role models and why/how he relates to them. He had the following to say… We thought it was worth sharing:

- Tony Robbins gives sound advice on mindful behaviour and how one can succeed by just putting his/her mind to it;

- Joe Dispenza shares knowledge on the psychological and brain behaviour of having a positive mindset;

- Jim Rohn shares sound advice on how to succeed as an individual by overcoming the negativity around us.

- Brant Cooper is also passionate about giving back to entrepreneurs.

Hiten knows the struggle, but he experienced the light at the end of the tunnel and now own of his passions is to help other entrepreneurs do the same. Very few people know he went into business straight after qualifying as a CA and the first 6 years of his life was a very lonely, dark, and uphill battle, from financial difficulties to rejection. His successes subsequently came as a result of resilience and a deep-seated self-belief, and so in light of that, he offers a lot of his personal time to try to help and support other startups, entrepreneurs, and career-driven individuals. It is, therefore, no surprise that the title of his talk on the 28th is “Building a Winners Mindset”!

Hiten support local! Which is his favourite local shop?

Autumn Café in Norwood (he is based in Gauteng)

Hiten is anything but boring!

Apart from the fact being known as the unconventional CA - he loves all colours, but particularly floral related things.

You also get a FREE networking session on 27 January 12:00 - 13:00 SAST to meet everyone and connect with like-minded future females and forward-thinking men!

***Speaker 3***

Meet our Speaker

Our Third speaker for January - Gayner Harvett from Gayner Harvett Financial Planning.

Her passion is Financial planning and helping people with their Financial Wellness (no matter how big or small). She’s been in the industry for over 14 years and believes in always going the extra mile for her clients. In her industry there is a such a need for change of how expertise like hers are are viewed. Right now, the role of a financial advisor is more important than ever. Thei expert guidance, support and partnerships keep their clients grounded and help them overcome financial challenges. For clients, protecting their families, legacies, and financial wellness gives them mental and physical wellness but also sets them up for long-term financial success.

It’s all in the expertise

Gayner’s areas of specialisation lie in the following:

?Risk Planning

?Short Term Insurance

?Medical Aid and

?Staff/Employee Benefits

Do you know why Gayner supports Future Females? We asked her:

”I love that other women and forward-thinking men support other women-led and forward-thinking men’s business with the genuine desire to help, listen and support. A community of like-minded individuals helping each other succeed and smash the proverbial glass ceiling is what I think of when I think Future Females”.

Gayner’s Financial Tips - Have a plan, get covered, and then update, update, update!

Have a budget & a Financial plan, the year just started - it’s not too late! Do not wait until 2022. You saw the curve ball 2020 threw at us! It’s a hard truth but if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Get yourself covered for overhead Protection/Income Protection as well as being ladies Critical Illness. We always think it wont happen to me…yet it can. Start with what you can afford (minimum premiums start at +- R200 pm based on individual info).

Make sure you update your beneficiaries on your policies (especially life cover) & in doing so update your Will annually as well, you never know what can happen in a year.

Short Term Insurance for personal and business needs to be updated on a regular basis for replacement values. Or if items need to be removed or added. (ie: cellphone upgrades, items sold & bought) don’t be shy to ask your Financial Advisor to get you some discount on your short term policies. Most importantly always make sure you are covered based on your needs.

Who does Gayner follow online?

Richard Branson: She finds him inspirational, knowledgeable, caring and kind

Other Financial Planners within Momentum as she likes to look up to people who are succeeding and thriving. This encourages her to see how she can be better, just like her hope is that those new to the industry can look up to her.

Gayner supports local! Which is her favourite local shop?

For a lovely little breakfast or quick yummy bagel snack, the gem she found is Jack’s Bagels. Another gem for a good on the go coffee: Munro’s. A few second hand book shops are also among her favourites. She just loves the feel of used books where she can now experience the story.

Gayner is anything but boring!

Despite her financial ambitions, Gayner also loves cooking & baking, and she makes a mean Potato Bake & Lemon Meringue Pie (dinner at her house tonight!) She also has an absolute love of shoes – especially heels! Oh and colour colour colour!

Can't wait to see you at this event with our exciting line-up of speakers to help you enter 2021 with the right money & strategy tools to do it right this year!


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