Online Constellation Circle

Fri Dec 4, 15:30 - Fri Dec 4, 17:30


Online Constellation Circle

This Constellation Circle consists of: Constellation Exercises and 1-2 Group constellations (depending on the availability of time).

Constellation exercises are small structured constellations in a group of 2-3 people. People are given specific roles to represent, and a time limit. This allows each person in the group to see how they relate to the topic, and to gain individual insights and healing.

The cost of the circle is based on a "pay what you can" model - according to affordability and what you feel it's worth:

The suggested price is R250.

Three discounted tickets of R150 are available.

Generous tickets of R500 include a donation towards pet food & sterilisation programs.

Please download the Zoom app onto your laptop or computer*.

*Smartphones are not suitable for this event, as you need to see all the participants.

Jani Schneider has been facilitating constellations since 2012.

She did training and workshops with master constellation facilitators like Stephan Hausner, Monika von Wietersheim, Rowena Mould, Alexandra Shymina, Francesca Mason-Boring, Heribert Döring-Meijer, Rasada Goldblatt, Claudia Vassão and others.

Her constellation training includes family constellations, systemic counselling & constellations, spiritual constellations and nature constellations.

Individual sessions are also available, online or remotely.

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