Sacred Tea presents... An Indian Spice Experience (13 Mar 2021)

Sat Dec 5, 15:30 - Sat Dec 5, 17:30
Namaskar Wellness Hub (The Embassy)


LIMINAL Healing & connection presents...

SACRED TEA by Cindy Schutte

An Indian Spice Experience.

Discover the wonderful atmosphere of a traditional Indian tea ceremony and find out what the art of drinking tea really means...

As the second largest producer of tea in the world, India is renowned for Chai a milk-infused, sweet-spicy drink that has gained immense global popularity over the years.

Like any great history, the origins of Chai are synonymous with is properties and benefits. This rejuvenating drink originated as a healing concoction, brewed with herbs and spices beneficial to the body.

Join us on the Indian Spice Experience as we journey into the heartlands of Indian Chai Tea making. Offering a glimpse into the history and culture of the people who cultivate, the process of blending, stirring, tasting and creating diversely beautiful and rich tradition for yourself within the ceremony. This event is a visual treat, that traces leaf to cup, we will be covering the entire spectrum of the making of your own spicy Chai Tea through wonderfully descriptive ceremony and stunning tea celebration; then return home to put the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy your own spicy blend!

If like Cindy you have always been drawn to all things sacred, simply love tea and would like to incorporate more sacred practice into your everyday rhythms...

Then Sacred Tea ceremonies are for you!

A series of experiences, completely unique and each with its own elements and flavours pertaining to specific cultures.

Our invitation is to share these experiences with others who share a deep love for tea and all things sacred.

Experience the culture of tea!

What to expect...

Welcome & Intro

Tea Pouring Ceremony

Sweet Treats

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  • Russian Tea celebration (20 Dec)

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Sacred Tea presents... An Indian Spice Experience (13 Mar 2021)
Namaskar Wellness Hub (The Embassy)
56 Mulbarton Rd, Fourways, Johannesburg, 2191
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