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Couch Concerts SA is an online music venue hosting live-streamed performances of various styles of music, showcasing local musicians and connecting audience members with them. The project, spearheaded by married couple Jarryd and Jessica West, has successfully hosted 21 concerts and 45 musicians since its inception in August 2020. 

Through our partnership with Cassia Restaurant, Couch Concerts has access to a larger venue with greater capacity for hosting upscaled events and special occasions. This means Couch Concerts will be able to provide even more performance opportunities for freelance musicians through bookings for weddings, corporate functions or honorary days (i.e. Mother’s Day) hosted by the venue. The project is looking towards hosting a Heritage Day Concert later this year to celebrate as many genres of South African music as possible, featuring live performances - and recordings - of compositions in various styles penned by South African composers, musicians and the like. 

Couch Concerts is also expanding its production capacity by offering its streaming and recording services to local schools who want to broadcast their student concerts for example. 

This initiative has great scope and potential, but it cannot survive sustainably without financial backing and support from the community and corporate partners. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated!

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