#MyFriendWantsToKnow - LIVE Online Event with Dr. Elna Rudolph & Minki van der Westhuizen 2

Thu Dec 10, 20:00 - Thu Dec 17, 20:00


What if your most intimate question could actually be answered? What if there was a real solution for your challenge?

You have heard Minki and Dr Elna Rudolph chat about sex and relationship issues on the MINKI show. 

You have laughed and blushed just as much as Minki has and you have been left wanting for more, haven’t you?

Why not join Minki and Dr Elna for a whole hour during our live event online? 

Send in all of your questions to [email protected] before the event. Minki will put your question to Dr Elna anonymously.  

During this event, the two of them will have plenty of time to delve deep into those intimate questions, small problems and massive challenges you are facing. 

Come and join us online on 10 December 2020 at 20h00. You know it will be fun. You know it will be real! Your gut tells you, it might actually be meaningful too.

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