Identifying Skin conditions & what to do

Fri Dec 4, 10:00 - Fri Dec 4, 11:30
Microsoft Teams Online


Welcome to Innovative Solutions SA's online event page! Please note this is for SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY! if you are ahsamed of your skin condition, and looking for someone to help you improve it to get in shape this summer, then THIS IS FOR YOU

We will be discussing common skin conditions, their causes, and their associated symptoms. We will also be looking at advanced conditions and causes. We will analyse your skin condition, and recommend what you can use. You will be given the opportunity after the event to raise your questions or concerns.

Please invite friends and family to join. Tickets are only R50 per individual and the event will take place on microsoft teams. Please book your tickets to secure your seat so that we can forward you the link.

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds

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