Wed Jan 13, 13:00 - Wed Jan 13, 16:00
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It's time to take CONTROL, give yourself more FREEDOM and ultimate GROWTH.

Summary of workshop content: 

Building a sellable business is something many Business Owners don’t think about, but think about the options available to you when your business is sellable.

You can choose to continue working in your business using your skillsets, you can take a step back and play a more strategic role and remove yourself operationally, you can choose to pass it down or sell your business.

Those are options not many business owners have available to them. 


In this workshop, OptiGrowth will take you through how an price is put on your business and the factors holding your business back from being sellable. 

You’ll walk away from this workshop being able to identify risk areas in your busines and have the insight into putting a value to your business and justifying it. 


Think about the value you take into a strategy session with insight like this and how much CONTROL you give yourself. Meaning more FREEDOM and ultimately GROWTH.

The Takeaway?

In this workshop, we will breakdown the key elements of Accounting, Financial Management;

and guide you to developing your own forecast that will set targets,

not only for you as a business owner, but also for your teams to focus on. 

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