How To Make Processes More Efficient and Boost Productivity

Tue Nov 24, 10:00 - Tue Nov 24, 12:30

Event is online


Whether you work on your own or with a team, workflows, or business processes, make getting the job done easier.That is because you become more organized. The environment enables productivity. It does not stress you out.

Having a team/supporting network = having people keeping you accountable to reaching the goals that grow the business + people unlocking opportunities.

Once the team is clear on the growth objectives and how to reach those goals, productivity increases. However, managing a team can be stressful. 

Without a system to guide us, it is easy to fall off the wagon, get overwhelmed by the setbacks and become unproductive.

To get this right for start-ups, we use journey maps. 

Join us for a session on how to use journey maps to structure your work environment for growth and how you can use this to build teams, attract customers and have better relationships with investors.


You will do practical activities that you can apply in your work environment.

What we will cover:

- Getting organized and the art of delegation

- Gap analysis – review business practices to create a structure that will support the growth of the business 

- How to avoid pitfalls and what to do after a setback;

- Tools to support future growth and managing relationships with investors

- identifying deadweight.

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