Wilderness 5 Day Transformational Retreat

Sun Nov 29, 08:00 - Fri Dec 4, 12:00
Wilderness Beachfront


After you settle into your relaxing surroundings each person will receive their own personal Meridian Health Check- up. This exercise is a fascinating way to understand the health of each of your 12 organs, we look at acid levels, stress levels, blood, circulation and much more. These findings will help you make better decisions for your health during this retreat and going forward.

During our time together there will be talks, group and individual exercises with time to deepen our connection to nature. A daily devotion to a healthy body with mindful walks, fun activities and focused breathing exercises.

Be prepared for unexpected delight, mystery and awareness.

Harness the healing power of the ocean to face fearless change in 5 days

Become aware of how your thoughts can be used to create a life you love.

Learn to listen to the guidance of your Inner Being

Escape the hustle and bustle of life for inner peace and a rejuvenated body.

Connect with amazing like minded people and leave as friends

Immerse yourself in the healing properties of nature 

  • Transforming your fears and limiting beliefs into sustainable positive change for the future
  • The perfect opportunity to relax and get focused on yourself and your future
  • Accommodation that is right on beach front
  • Treatments including Thai massage, Deep tissue relaxing back and neck massage and a metamorphic treatment
  • Meridian Health Check-up and assessment with guidance on how to best approach any issues
  • A week of healthy food, snacks and freshly made juices
  • Insightful talks and discussions run by international speakers
  • Guided sessions of yoga, pilates and mediation done on the beachfront

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