Drop the Pressure - Kevin Fraser live at Crawfords Beach Lodge

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Crawfords Beach Lodge


DROP THE PRESSURE! At one point you`re planning the future. The next minute you`re trying to survive the present. It`s a vicious world out there and the pressure is coming from every angle.

Why is nobody liking my last photo? Are gluten free crisps really gluten free? If I visit Bali, what is the probability that a Volcano will erupt and I die? Will I manage another year without upgrading to an iPhone 11 Pro Max? Shall I start learning Mandarin for when the Chinese take over? Could I retire and be happy in Croatia? When will I be able to hug Oprah? There are a lot of un-answered questions.

And Kevin is only just learning that Rome certainly wasn`t built in a day.

Primarily known as the guy on the internet who sweeps across people`s feeds with his impressions on the daily struggles of life. He now trots the globe, delivering Comedy to every nook and cranny he visits.

Kevin Fraser fans can expect a whirlwind of events as he unearths his frustrations on even the most simplest issues of day to day life, eventually realising that there is a dire need to simply. Well. Drop The Pressure!

Opening Act:

Minx on the Decks 6pm to 8pm

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Drop the Pressure - Kevin Fraser live at Crawfords Beach Lodge
Crawfords Beach Lodge
Steenbras Drive, Chintsa, Amatola Coastal, 5275
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