MAKING SENSE OF YOUR SENSES - A sensory wellbeing approach for the tired mind!

Mon Nov 23, 18:00 - Wed Dec 2, 18:00
Online Webinar series

NOTE: Please note that the online details sent to you will be applicable for the first session. Thereafter, you will receive a link for each session at least 24 hours before each subsequent webinar sessions on 25 November, 30 November and 2 December.


Are you struggling with fatigue, lethargy, distractibility and/or a general loss of focus in the midst of this pandemic? Whether you realise it or not, our society is going through a sense of collective trauma and your sensory system is suffering as a result! Join our webinar series and gain a valuable understanding of your sensory system, the potential consequences of this pandemic on your central nervous system and more importantly, strategies to equip you to regain focus and control.

Presenters: Liezet Basson & Dorita Ver Loren van Themaat

Schwabe Basson & Themaat Occupational Therapists

Session 1, 23 November 6-7pm: Introduction to your Sensory system, sensory modulation and recognising sensory overload.

Session 2, 25 November 6-7pm: Sensory threshold levels- your default mechanisms in the midst of a pandemic.

Session 3, 30 November 6-7pm: Sensory self regulation: An introduction to sensory self regulation and practical strategies that work.

Session 4, 2 December 6-7pm: What now? How to incorporate practical strategies in your day, whether you're working from home or your office of simply juggling a busy routine.

Fee: R600 (all inclusive of four webinar sessions of one hour each in duration. )

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