Defining Moments: Reflecting on 2020 & Re-shaping perspective for 2021

Mon Nov 23, 15:00 - Mon Nov 30, 17:00
Online via Zoom


“A defining moment is a challenge that demonstrates the leadership capacity that lies inside a person.They have a way of cutting through superficialities and helping leaders identify the driving force behind their influence.” John Maxwell

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. This is an opportunity to re-image your happiness at work and in your life, to have a closer look at your personal well-being and and to re-imagine what you'd love to see personally and at work in 2021 and to learn from the failures and to let go of the frustrations.


This interactive, facilitated discussion is on zoom, using breakaway rooms and small group discussions - it's about you and your business for 2021! It will empower you to understand what you can provide that others need and what effect you and your business have on others, so that you can serve the world around you effectively. 

Session 1: Monday 23rd Nov 3pm-5pm :

*Acknowledge your current reality

*Be present and listen to the voices of your head, heart and gut.They play a key role in directing your course.

*Identify your future aspirations and destinations for 2021. 

*Make choices that will help you move beyond your comfort zone.

*Identify what limitations are holding you or your business back

*Understand what you bring personally & what your business provides that will serve the world around you?

*Identify necessary strategies to change your personal perspective or the direction of your businessman 2021. 

The world that we were comfortable with has changed and navigating this requires a new lens and new creativity. 

Session 2: Monday 30th Nov 3pm-5pm:

*Goal-setting: identify key destinations for you in 2021

*Visualising your goals, moves you out of your comfort zone and into that future reality you re-imagine for yourself or your business

*Affirmations are an important part of goal-setting and build confidence in yourself and your leaders to reach your destinations.

A change of environment will not automatically increase well-being, but paying attention to your wellbeing and the health of your business will help you thrive in all environments.

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