Woman, Over the Threshold

Sat Dec 12, 09:00 - Sat Dec 12, 12:00
Eagles View Yoga and Conference Centre


We are required to step over a new threshold. Let’s do this differently!

Stop repeating patterns of TRYING to, HOPING to, or GOING to.

  • Let your body speak your mind, and BECOME it.
  • Become more creative in your thinking and doing patterns.
  • Harness the natural elements to be more conscious and empowered in your own skin.
  • Learn to use breath and conscious body awareness to create powerful, authentic and sustainable intentions to live life to the fullest.

Join us on this beautiful workshop

Eaglesview, 4 Galloway Lane, Winston Park, KZN

Saturday 12 December 2020, 9am - noon


You will learn or get the opportunity to:

- Create powerful and sustainable intentions for everyday life

- Be more creative, open-minded, open-hearted and ultimately, more at peace.

- Break old patterns of head vs heart vs gut

- Use and understand your life force and body better

- Learn to embody your empowered beliefs (and get rid of old ones)

- Step over the thresholds of your life with STRENGTH, EASE and GRACE

Bookings: [email protected] or 082 741 9578

Proof of payment of R300 to secure.

About Celeste:

Celeste Du Toit is a transformational Life Coach, Holistic therapist, and workshop facilitator in Durban. She is the founder of YES Paradigm Coaching, a provider of self-awareness and empowerment programs, workshops and retreats.

Her approach is transformational. The premise is that empowerment starts within, so it is essential to identify and change limiting beliefs and inhibiting patterns that are keeping us stuck. She uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Kahuna massage and bodywork, Reiki and other therapies in her repertoire, as well as inspiring with her presence, passion and vitality for life.

I am focusing this workshop specifically on WOMEN to create a specific, safe container, and to relate it to thresholds experienced by a woman in her life journey.

The format of my workshops can be described as a conscious teaching-style, with a deliberate and warm creation and holding of space for you to explore. My workshops include meditations, sensory journeys, and encouragement to peek within yourself, and to peel some of the conditioned layers. How “deep” you go is up to you. Sharing is encouraged to enrich the experience for yourself and for other participants, however you will NOT be forced to share. I trust you will find this time together safe, supportive, inspiring, insightful and magnificent.

Hope to see you there!

In light and conscious awareness,


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Woman, Over the Threshold
Eagles View Yoga and Conference Centre
4 Galloway Ln, Winston Park, Gillitts, 3610, South Africa
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