PEOPLE OF PLAY, WALID SULTAN MIDANI: Building A Studio Beyond Africa

Fri Nov 6, 20:00 - Tue Dec 1, 15:15


In this talk I'm going to share how in my 18 years in the video games industry I've bounced between failures and successes. Starting a video games studio is the easiest part of the job. Making it sustainable and fighting for it, that's the real deal.

From organising Esports events in the early 2000s in Tunisia to expanding video games studios in Europe, my team and I went through an emotional and financial roller coaster. I will share with the audience the challenges that we faced and how we dealt with them.

The video games industry is booming. Mobile, consoles, PC and new platforms are making it look like an El Dorado. Is that true? What should someone know before taking that leap of faith and launching a studio? All those are questions that I will try to answer to.

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