Thu Dec 3, 11:00 - Fri Dec 4, 15:00


Join me and 20,000+ entrepreneurs from over 40 cities coming together on 3 and 4 December for the biggest Entrepreneur Festival of the year. At the festival you & your team will get actionable steps to thrive in these uncertain times. Get ready for the Digital Decade with the world's largest Entrepreneur Education Group.

Pre-launch registration is now open and as a partner offer the best early bird deal possible. For investment of only R397 you will receive value worth more than R10 000 and learn the following:

Principles of Entrepreneur Dynamics to follow

Simple steps to automate your marketing with AI

How to attract world class talent

The systems you can use today to multiply your sales

Smart social media strategies to wow your customers

How to test and improve your products rapidly

Easiest ways to access cash and investors today

Fastest path to take your business global

Beside access to the two- day event you will also have access to our experience the following:

1 Profile Test token to Wealth Dynamic

2 Passion Test: Discover your Top 5 passions

3 Purpose Test: Discover which of the 17 global goals is your No.1 purpose.

4 Impact Test: Discover your entrepreneur level, your enterprise level and your personalized path to entrepreneurial success

5 Opportunity Knocks access

6 Live Free 5 Day Training Course before the event 

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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