Conversations with Pamphilia Hlapa (Author, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Healing Practitioner and Speaker)

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Sharon's Cafe in Woodstock (Cape Town)



The times we live in are forcing us to keep up and align ourselves with the challenges, difficulties and adversity which indeed can be a huge struggle. Many of us are trying to reconstitute ourselves and untangle our mental chaos whenever our survival and inner peace is threatened. We require our inner courage to stay positive and tap into our transformative spirit and energy. At this event, Pamphilia will give you a deep dive into the power of your inner courage which you already have and might be taking for granted and underestimating it. You need to shape a transformative vision of where you want to go and Pamphilia will have you ponder and answer the question, "what sustains me through the trials that come after a disaster?"

Pamphilia Hlapa is not new to making adjustments in her life and the life of others. As an acclaimed author, she has documented her life story in her debut novel called “A Daughter’s Legacy”. The novel published in 2006 emanated from Pamphilia using her writing as a form of healing. Her name became synonymous with acts of faith and transcending through hardships when her story was documented and aired on a South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC 3) “I am Woman – Leap of Faith”. The programme featured the lives of remarkable women exploring how they stepped into brand new territory when faced with life’s greatest challenges and opportunities. She even was awarded the Woman Demand Dignity Award for the 16 days of activism against women and child abuse. Through these conversations, you will have a glimpse into Pamphilia's story of courage, faith and a transformative spirit which is told through her three published books; A daughter's legacy, Battles of the gods, Healing the legacies and her highly anticipated upcoming audio-book "At His feet with my sisters."

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