Short Course: How to Dispel Confusion from our mind

Sat Nov 28, 10:00 - Sat Nov 28, 11:30
At VKBC or Zoom Online


Zoom or in - person course on Saturday 28 November with Gen Kelsang Mila

We all crave a sense of certainty and clarity in our lives. If only we knew what reality is we could live at one with it. Then we would have fewer problems with anxiety and alienation, and that deep sense of being out of touch with ourselves and our world. We want certainty but at times all we get is confusion. Buddha’s response to this dilemma is unique. He teaches us how to understand reality correctly and, how to live with wisdom. We can discover fundamental truths and use these to guide our way through life. All we need is Buddha’s special insights and a willingness to step out of our normal mental habits. Then we can discover the freedom and happiness that comes from knowing how everything actually exists. We will begin to understand the wisdom of “emptiness” – and how to identify and let go of exactly what we get confused about.

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Download Zoom. (free). Once purchased your ticket, insert the Zoom ID and Password into your Zoom - Join a Meeting, add your first name, and you will automatically be connected to the class. You don't need to sign in to Zoom.

In Person

There is limited space to attend at the Centre. Please email [email protected] should you wish to attend in - person.

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