Treble Bypass + The Third Gunman LIVE @ JARR Bar

Sat Nov 21, 19:00 - Sat Nov 21, 22:00
JARR Bar and Restaurant


Are you ready for a night of pure rock 'n' roll bliss!? Well, you should be. Because Saturday the 21st of November we have a double bill that will blow your socks off and leave your neck absolutely bent the next morning! Sounds about right. Space is a bit limited, and the show kicks off at 7pm (to make curfew). There are 10 Early Bird tickets available so jump on them before anyone else can! Amped.

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Treble Bypass + The Third Gunman LIVE @ JARR Bar
JARR Bar and Restaurant
102 Ripley St, Weavind Park, Pretoria, 0184
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