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After the success of the first Break-Ups Date-Ups And Everything In Between we are bringing you the follow up... Break-Ups Date-Ups And Everything In Between PART 2.

In Part 1 we shared our own testimonies (we broke up twice in three years’ time before finally getting married - it was messy) as well as how to navigate through the mysteries of single life (is there really such a thing as “The One”) and dating without compromising your self worth. We shared tips on how to navigate break-ups and clear red flags in a potential dating partner.

People create a very romantic idea about marriage, and given, it is the best thing since sliced bread. But this isn’t the reality for everyone who says yes on the big day. The truth is that those who make it are those who are equipped to handle everything that is thrown into the mix when two broken people enter into a covenant together. Love does not sustain itself naturally. Making a promise on the big day is not enough. Committing to writing a test is not enough to pull you through on the day. Preparation is what will bring success.

In Part 2 we’re aiming to equip you on becoming a powerful person and how to maintain healthy relationships through boundaries, connection, healthy communication etc, without falling into toxic relational cycles and habits. 

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