Self Love 101: Online Masterclass

Sat Oct 31, 17:00 - Mon Nov 2, 20:00


NB: Choose your preferred slot among the 3 available: Sat. 31 Oct (17:00 - 19:00), Sun. 1 Nov (15:00 - 17:00) or Mon. 2 Nov (18:00 - 20:00).

Summary Information on the Self Love 101 Online Masterclass and the host:

Gcinashe Gcanga, affectionately known as Love Gcin-Gcin, is a Health and Wellness professional who runs Losinda Wellness Solutions, a company devoted to breaking all barriers to wellness and championing wellness as a basic necessity for all. She has just completed a 100 Days Self-Love journey and would be sharing the lessons she learnt and the personal transformation she has experienced with everyone in the hope of inspiring more to open up to the necessity of self-love, especially these days where it is increasingly challenging to derive much joy from any external sources.

This Master Class will take 2 hours with participants given time to engage in the discussion. The following topics (self-love tools), are some of the topics that will be covered among a 100+ others:

  1. Self-acknowledgement and the importance of maintaining a "Done List" in self love
  2. Listening to the body and relying on its wisdom
  3. Giving - what your relationship with money says about self love
  4. Diets and self-love
  5. Emotional intelligence in self-love
  6. Forgiveness: the gift to self
  7. How periodically "unhooking self from the outer world" contributes to self love
  8. Decluttering and self love
  9. Beliefs and the power in asking "what is this?". "whose is this?"
  10. The need to release / let go: some practical ways to intercept self sabotage
  11. Realisation: how responsibility for one's life looks like
  12. Risk taking: getting out of comfort into the next level of growth and aliveness

Gcinashe is a Mile Graduate and an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner ®

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Age restriction Family friendly
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