ROCKY HORROR 45 (documentary)

Sun Nov 1, 20:30 - Sun Nov 1, 22:30
Labia Theatre




Special S.A. HorrorFest Cinema Screening

African Premiere

No Under 18s

It's hard to believe this cultural phenomenon has been with us for 45 years!

Now a part of pop-culture, at the time of its production it was considered taboo.

Underground filmmaker Manny Velazquez dives into the immortal history and legacy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and its lesser known sequel Shock Treatment with a collection of interviews, convention footage and more.

While we'd love to get everyone into the cinema to do the Timewarp, the pandemic circumstances have stalled such revelry. So, this year we can all sit back and watch this documentary on this classic musical legend.

Directed by Manny Velazquez

Starring Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Susan Sarandon

Rare single cinema screening!

(on-line screenings via the S.A. HorrorFest's streaming partner https://FRIGHTFAN.TV )

(All Covid safety protocols are in place at the Labia Theatre, including socially distanced limited seating)


In addition to these special SA HorrorFest cinema screenings (which also include FRIED BARRY, the documentary SKY SHARKS, and the new definitive documentary on Wes Craven's shocker, THE LAST WORD ON THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT ) a huge selection can be streamed between 28 October - 13 November)

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ROCKY HORROR 45 (documentary)
Labia Theatre
68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
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