Summer Solstice Gathering 2020

Mon Dec 14, 12:00 - Thu Dec 24, 12:00
Well-Being Sanctuary

NOTE: BEFORE YOU PROCEED: YOU WILL NEED YOUR TALENT EXCHANGE NUMBER AND BALANCE TO BUY A TICKET. If not yet on the exchange, register at Read all information below before making your purchase.


14 to 24 DECEMBER 2020

Rising to the challenge of the interesting times we live in, our annual Summer Solstice Gathering has undergone a transformation.

Due to demand from our tribe countrywide, it has become an event within an event, offering an unspoiled haven for those who feel the need to leave the pressures and stresses of the cities and towns behind. To come relax in nature... and to connect, engage, learn and share inspiration, creativity and joy with other members of the community.

Three days of restful camping, from 14 to 16 December, will be followed by six days (from 17 to 22 December) of, among others: talks, workshops, breathwork, cacao ceremonies, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, live music, conscious dance celebrations, drumming circles, afternoon markets and a fire dreaming ceremony. And for those who want to linger longer and camp some more, 23 to 24 December are offered as languid days of reflection to receive the echo of the gathering.


The entry price is R650 per person (the price for children older than 10 is R350) and the attendance is strictly limited to a maximum of 250 people in order to ensure a spacious atmosphere. The Summer Solstice Gathering has switched to a 100% Talent-based system, so in order to purchase a ticket, you have to have joined the Talent Exchange and to have been issued with your personal exchange number. It's quick and easy! To register, go here:

If you would like assistance in registering with the Garden Route Talent Exchange, contact Landi Engelbrecht on 084 588 1949. Or e-mail her: [email protected]

Please note, the entry price is the same whether you come for the full 10 days or intend to attend only for a day. This is to encourage you to get the most out of the community experience and to avoid the curious from just popping in to have a look. The Summer Solstice Gathering is not a public event, it’s a private gathering, open to all who have a conscious camping mindset, are up for participation and co-creation – and who use the Talent Exchange.



Our ticketing policy is no refunds. If, due to unforeseen circumstances you cannot attend the event, you may sell your ticket to a friend. But you have to inform us in advance. Failure to do so would mean that your ticket would become void. Contact either Anja Bock (072 712 4877) or Dion Viljoen (072 433 7421).

In the unlikely event of us being forced to cancel the gathering due to Covid-19, all ticket holders will receive a 95% refund.


Once through the gate, you will enter a domain where you are free to gift your offerings to others, or to charge or pay for offerings in Talents. If that is too much of a stretch for you, feel free to pay, charge or trade in half-Talents, half-Rands. The choice is yours. You may also pre-book and pre-pay for meals from the Communi-Tea Cafe operated by Odette Livni.

As ever, the emphasis is on maximum self-reliance. Which means you are responsible for your own meals (please note: no open fires are allowed save for the Sacred Ceremonial Fire) and drinking water for the duration of the event.

Along with an extended list of offerings, we have introduced new features such as an afternoon market on specific days. We will announce the headline offerings as they unfold in the days and weeks leading up to the event.

What hasn't changed is the ethos of the gathering. As in the past, we’re coming together to celebrate and honour one another and the sacredness of all life. To meet and connect more deeply with our community and the Earth. To share in love, grow in love and co-create in love. To sing, dance and weave our vision for our community into reality, in harmony with the Earth’s heart beat. More than ever, this should serve as a potent antidote to these Covid-crazy times.


Our annual conscious co-creative community gathering features, among others:

- Camping, hot showers and compost toilets at Well-Being Sanctuary. For more information on the venue go to

- Conscious dance sessions (Movement Medicine, Dance Awake, Intuitve Movement, Summer Solstice Abundance Celebration)

- Live music

- Sacred sound journeys

- Afternoon markets

- Tree planting ceremonies

- Drumming circles and fire dancing performances

- Childrens’ area with experienced child minders and children's entertainment

- Swimming in the lake and canoeing

- Horse rides

- Picnic spots under the trees or next to the lake


The following offerings were made in 2019. You are warmly invited to add your own unique offering in 2020 as we grow and expand together:

- The Alchemy of Breath session with Jen Rorrison

- Various Sweat Lodge ceremonies with Nixiwaka and his team from Pachamama

- Cacao ceremonies with Chantelle van Outiniqua, Anja Bock and Adri-anne Buhrmann

- Drumming circles with Lokahi Sylva (who joined us all the way from Hawaii)

- Sacred Rhythmic Prayer Circles with Drumming and Mindful Connection facilitated by Nidhi Chaitow of Conscious Rhythm

- Traditional Yang Tai Chi & Ba Duan Jin Qigong with Clinton Jonker

- Communi-Tea Cafe featuring Odette Livni's yummy vegetarian and vegan food (including juices, smoothies and picnic hampers!) – see the complete menu below

- Tai chi Qiging movement and short form guided by Christopher and Susi Smart (students of Eddie Jardine)

- Various forms of yoga with facilitators from Pure Yoga. Plus partner yoga sessions with Zendrik and Kundalini Yoga with Mimmie Buhrmann

- Fire Dreaming Ceremony with Clara Tilve-Lyon and Das Lyon

- Fascial Movement Flow with Adri von Wielligh

- Women's circle facilitated by Liz Coutts, medicine Mama for the Eden Red Moon Temple

- Men's circle facilitated by David Cubbin and informed by some of the elders of the Mankind Project

- Wheel of the Year, systemic ritual with Aleksandra Shymina

- SomaSensing movement session with Nicholas McLean, focused on somatic Myofascial unwinding to relieve pain stuckness and stress

- Body treatments such as Chi Nei Tsang (deep abdominal emotional release massage), Reiki, Reflexology, etc.

- Nature constellation with Jani Schneider

- Voice work (sound and song) with Christina Auerbach

- Healing with Food dialogue with Tiffiny Rae Bowden

- Evolving with Climate Change: Facing the Dragon. A group discussion facilitated by Charl Pienaar, duration 90 minutes or until everybody present is talked out.

- Live poetry sessions with Simric Yarrow and Mikyle Busson

- Live music performances by Desert Rose, Nur Felix, Gabrielle Alberts, Quinton Song, Colorfields and Anika Hari.

- What is permaculture and how can I apply it in my life? An informal talk with Fabian von Hase

- Pop up trading stalls

- Open mic sessions so even if you're a young, inexperienced musician or poet, your talent is most welcome

- Horse rides with Camille de Rouvroy de Saint Simon of All So Naturally

- Dialogues on indigenous reforesting, climate change, maximising self reliance, resilience and preparing for unexpected events; natural building, ancient crafts, off-grid power options, food growing skills, seed saving, medicinal plants, natural healing, etc.

The entire event operates on the basis of honesty and trust, so thank you for contributing your positive energy to it. The complete schedule of 2020 events, once finalised, will be released closer to the time.


Due to the expansion of the event, we would like to call on more VOLUNTEERS to help set up, manage and pack up. All volunteers will receive a fair exchange ticket.

We welcome contributions and support with stretch tents, décor (cushions, carpets, blankets, mobiles) and any sponsorship or donations. Please bring a can-do attitude of gratitude, food to share for the COMMUNAL SOLSTICE FEAST, drinking water and everything else for a comfortable camping experience. There are hot showers and excellent compost toilets. No alcohol, drugs or stimulants. No fires. No pets. Please respect the space, use resources sparingly and leave only a good trace.

Please connect with us ASAP via Whatsapp

Offerings, Contributions and Volunteers: Anja 072 712 4877

More information: Dion 072 433 7421


The CENTRAL DANCEFLOOR is used for conscious dances, other core ceremonies and live performances by musicians.

The ART OF THE HEART STATION is a space where the community can share their talents, craft and art offerings. You’re invited to do a pop-up trading stall or to facilitate a workshop, talk, demo or activity.

The DIALOGUE STATION is an open talking circle where we gather to discuss and explore new perspectives and solutions to important storylines and topics for our community, its health and growth.

The PLAY STATION is a safe space for the children and inner child of the community to be cared for and engaged in a empowering, joy-filled manner. Offer a puppet show, free drawing, children’s yoga or storytelling.

The FOOD STATION, also known as the Communi-Tea Cafe by Odette Livni, will sell light and healthy meals, treats, juices, smoothies and picnic hampers. The full menu is posted below. PLEASE NOTE: All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as picnic hampers) should be PRE-BOOKED and PRE-PAID directly with Odette before 14 December. You can contact her via e-mail ([email protected]) or on 073 311 6673.


To view the full menu and how to order your meals, visit our Facebook events page:

A wash-up station is provided if you choose to bring your own pre-prepared food. Only food waste bins are provided, please recycle everything else and take it home.


The GPS co-ordinates provided below will only take you to Lake Avenue. But if you read the directions below, you'll get to the venue. Guaranteed!,22.776617


Once you pass through Sedgefield on the N2, take the Karatara turnoff to your left. Travel about 4km to the first turn to the left. (Also Karatara). Pass over a low water bridge, travel about 3km to the first left turn. It is a dirt road with a sign saying Hoogekraal/George.

Follow the road over the river and up the pass for about 5km to the first left turn. Signs say Well-Being Sanctuary, Wilderness Forest Estate, Fynbosvlei. Turn left into Lake Ave.

From the top of Lake Ave just keep following the blue and white WBS arrows. At the bottom of the road you will see a face brick entrance, turn left and you will see a large wooden gate. You have arrived.

Once through the gate (where you will be required to present your pre-booked Quicket ticket) travel along the grass road and park your vehicle in the designated area. Voila! Enjoy a blissful time!


Once you pass through Wilderness on the N2, take the turn off to Hoekwil. Travel for approximately 21km and take the right turn onto the dirt road to Ruigtevlei.

Travel approximately 3 km along the dirt road and turn right into Lake Ave (at this juncture you will see a few signs, including Wilderness Forest Estate, Fynbosvlei, Tomorrowland & Well-Being Sanctuary). Turn right into Lake Ave.

From the top of Lake Ave just keep following the blue and white WBS arrows. At the bottom of the road you will see a face brick entrance, turn left and you will see a large wooden gate. You have arrived.

Once through the gate (where you will be required to present your pre-booked Quicket ticket) travel along the grass road and park your vehicle in the designated area. Voila! Enjoy a blissful time!

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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