DON VINO - Saxyvibes

Sun Nov 1, 18:00 - Wed Nov 4, 19:00
Spier Amphitheatre


Don Vino Saxyvibes starts the November month with a summer sunset concert at the picturesque Spier Estate... sip some wine or tea, come enjoy a meal ( restaurants are open) and just bask in the ambiance of great vibes and soulful tunes of this renowned Saxophonist.

This is a hybrid event being livestreamed from Spier Wine Farm Amphitheatre with Online Tickets & Limited Live Audience tickets available.

LIVE Event SPIER Amphitheatre: Sun Nov 1, 18:00

Online Show Streaming: Sun Nov 1, 18:00 - Wed Nov 4,19:00

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DON VINO - Saxyvibes
Spier Amphitheatre
Total Lyneboch, R310 Baden Powell Dr, Lynedoch, Stellenbosch, 7603
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