Sunday Sessions

Sun Jan 17, 17:00 - Sun Dec 19, 18:00


The talk show, where we talk about anything. That won't get us into trouble!!

This slogan was chosen for Sunday Sessions, because our aim is to bring you the conversations that not many people are prepared to have. We are aware that these type of conversations are not for everyone. However we need you the people to make these conversations possible, so if you feel it may not be for you. Then please feel free to recommend them to your family and friends.

And if you know of someone that has lead an interesting life, or has a story to tell that may help someone else or is just a good heartfelt story. Please feel free to contact us because at Sunday Sessions we want our content. To educate, motivate, liberate, guide and allow our viewers to not just learn from each show, but also to have a good laugh in the process of all this seriousness and learning.

The vision for Sunday Sessions was created by Wayne Stuart a sought-after Stand-up Comedian and Life Coach. Who stumbled upon this idea when he realized that people could do with a bit of tough love and learn in the process, so please don't be shy to follow this movement and join in the fun of learning every Sunday.

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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