Chain Smoking Sessions; Femi Koya Live @ Smoking Kills Bar

Thu Oct 29, 19:30 - Thu Oct 29, 22:00
Smoking Kills Bar


6 Reasons to come see this gig:

  • An old Orbit Regular
  • This week, we have Jazz and Afro Beat! Make sure you get your Afro Beat shoes on.
  • Something a little different that perhaps you haven't seen yet at our little "Smoking Kills Sessions" by Kerry-Anne
  • "Mig Mouth Singer and Saxophonist" originally from Nigeria but calls South Africa his home.
  • R120 a ticket!
  • 40 tickets and spaces available! When you get your ticket, make sure you book your table
  • When the tickets are gone, they are gone!

"A Yoruba proverb tells us that a refugee first consults the elders of the village for consent and blessings before he cultivates the cornfields allocated to him. Nigerian singer and saxophonist Femi Koya was not a refugee. But in 2005 when he arrived in South Africa, he paid homage to his host country with the release of his debut album, Just in Newtown. The multi-genre recording was inspired by Newtown, Joburg’s cultural hub. It featured songbird and trombonist Siya Makuzeni and Nigerian guitarist, Kunle Ayo.

Just in Newtown was a beautiful salute to the vibrant jazz and pop scene that was expressed in the cultural precinct’s iconic venues such as Bassline, Shivava and Niki’s. “The place was buzzing with live music and social life second to none,” he recalls. “It was daunting but exciting at the same time.”"

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds


Chain Smoking Sessions; Femi Koya Live @ Smoking Kills Bar
Smoking Kills Bar
78A 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
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