Blast your Book in November

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What are doing in November?

?What's happened to your book?

We are running a big, fat push to get your book to the NEXT LEVEL! 

You will have 30 days to put some love and attention back into your dream having a book.

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Just in time for NaNoWriMo STOP MUCKING ABOUT in November is a tightly-held support group for our inner circle of writers at any stage of the writing, submitting or publishing journey. Most of you have ended up on this page because you have worked with us before - or want to work with us. We are using November to get our own writing kick-started. Sarah is finishing a celebrity memoir, Kate is wrapping up her Book 5 and getting it published.

We invite you to join us and close this crazy year out on a good note.

You could use this month to:

  • Tackle and finish any writing project in your heart
  • Push your book the the end. 
  • Do an entire rewrite
  • Write your second draft to make it the best version possible
  • Finish your book proposal and pitch deck
  • Send your book out to publishers
  • Build your author brand collateral 
  • Take the plunge and self publish
  • Commit to blog content

We know how hard it is to keep walking down this path. You know you need us to finish your book. We are going to make sure you do. ?This is the next level. It may have been years ago when you started your writing journey on a course, or it may that you are at the start.


This is our very best way to support and nudge you along the path to follow your dream to become a published author. Or perhaps you want to finally have that book to give to your family. 


You know in your heart what you need to do, but sometimes it is not that easy to do it. We consistently find that what writers need most is to be held accountable. For someone to set a deadline, watch that you actively work towards it and hold you to your promise.


That is what we do best - we are both strict, coupled with oodles of love.

Join us on this ONE MONTH commitment to your writing. 



  • We start with a live call to set you up with your writing goal
  • You set a clear, specific and measurable weekly goals
  • We will nudge you every day via Whatsapp
  • You get tasks, video or audio lessons
  • We expect an update on your progress every Monday.
  • Send weekly screen shots to chart your progress
  • We will challenge you to give up some stuff (heads up social media alert)
  • A week 3 live call to ask experts your writing questions


I joined the Stop Mucking About accountability group with Kate Emmerson and Sarah Bullen Roderick because I knew I would not have the discipline on my own to finish my book. In fact I haven't stopped working with them since the writing retreat in Greece last year. And I am now on my third (and final!) draft with a deadline for 20-2-2020 to be done and dusted. The regular weekly updates, their gentle (but kickass!) nudging together with the wealth of information and tools they both bring makes this an amazing support group. Stop Mucking About is a worthwhile investment in you and your book! Just do it! Di Atherton 2019


Thank you Sarah Bullen Roderick and Kate Emmerson for getting me to actually produce a 120 000 word manuscript. It's so easy to talk about writing a novel, to think about writing a novel but to actually get down and do it is something else. You gave me the structure, the support, kept flagging energy going and an occasional prod and push, and it got done. You do what you say- Author Support - and its brilliant. Loved my courses with you. Thank you. Sue Adams 2019


Just wanted to share how useful and inspiring I am finding the Aston Mucking About program run by Sarah Bullen Roderick and Kate Emmerson. There is no way they will let u fail and their support, loving guidance and constant presence have helped me to move forward with my project despite struggling with work life balance - please do yourself a favor and enroll.  Mary-Joe Emde 2019


Over the last four years I have been writing in circles and at the end of those four years I manage to have three excellent chapters but still no ending to my book. By joining the 'Stop mucking about' group headed by Sarah Bullen Roderick and Kate Emmerson, I am now well on my way in writing the first draft of my first novel and the ending is clearly in sight. Their constructive feedback, prodding, encouragement and belief in me has made the journey an exciting and rewarding one. Jane Bond 2019


I started my journey with my beloved project in 2015. I dipped in and out of it for the past 3 and some years, feeling close to it but lacking that something to lead me forward. Since joining the group in August, absolutely everything changed. I keep looking back in awe because I’ve now completed a first draft. And that’s a big thing! There is something special about having a place to account as well as having two strong and experienced guides to crack the whip and remind you of your commitments.

This continues to be an invaluable experience for me and I feel mushy and weepy with gratitude for it. Gladys Ryan 2019

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