Vision Boarding Party: Who else wants to make a vision board WHILE HAVING FUN?

Sat Dec 12, 11:00 - Sat Apr 10, 13:00


2020 has been messy in so many ways BUT ONE.

It gave us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the whole world to shut down, for each individual to face their relationship with themselves and their life.

As the year comes to a close, Join us on 16 December 2020 at 11am on YouTube to seal it by reconciling all that was 2020 and envisioning a different future!

Do you know what a vision board is?

It’s a way to manifest your dream life by visualizing it. Then creating a visual reminder that will motivate you daily as you work towards living the life of your dreams.

DESIGN YOUR VISION – At the end of the party you will have made yourself a CREATIVE VISUAL POSTER that will motivate you on your journey into 2021. Top it up with a frame and it becomes amazing art to your walls.

This will help you align your daily decisions with your desires.

BONUS: After this session you will start reaping the benefits immediately as you continue implementing your FESTIVE PLANS with CLARITY and ZEST.

Who is the Party FOR?

The party is for you too if you wish to

  • Press PAUSE ON BUSYNESS and experience the power of investing in yourself.

  • INVEST time and resources towards YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH. This party will make your future investments VALUABLE with CLARITY on your vision for your life.

  • Design your desired life path and live your life with CONFIDENCE.


What value do you get?

  • Give yourself the gift of time: 4 hours to recommit yourself to your vision for your life. This will be a day to visualize your desired bold future.

  • Deal with Self-sabotage: Waiting for a better (more deserving) version of yourself before you live your dream life.

  • Deal with resentment – Anger at others, but mostly frustration at yourself for downplaying yourself.

What do you need in the session?

  1. Your favourite old magazines
  2. An A3 Board OR A3 Old 2020 Calendar
  3. A pair of Scissors and Glue OR Cello-tape
  4. A Smartphone OR Laptop and YouTube Data

And Who am I, Hosting you?

I am Ncumisa Nomna Mbusi, a former corporate organisational development, change and training professional now turned individual change coach, writer, creative entrepreneur and Founder of Zenwa Concepts

I am passionate about coaching people to navigate change using creative light-hearted ways that help them embrace the fun parts, endure the worst parts, and still reap the benefits that change presents in life.

Zenwa was once a nameless silly idea in my 1995 “dreams” scrapbook inspired by magazines and TV.

In the 7 years since inception we have grown into a real design brand with a mission to inspire authenticity by helping communities FIND THEIR AUTHENTIC SELVES using art, passion and creativity as a medium of expression!

I believe that we're all unique and bring something into this world that nobody else can.

When we allow our TRUE SELVES to emerge we live authentic, fulfilled and balanced lives.

ONLY when we have CLARITY ABOUT WHO WE ARE and HAVE CONFIDENCE in our unique talents.

Commit to being OK with stepping out of your comfort zone, commit YOUR LIFE back to YOURSELF.


Limited seats are available.

An UPFRONT PAYMENT of R99 secures your seat booking.

NO REFUNDS on bookings

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds


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