NEW Online Morning MEDITATION Series - How to Create Joyful Energy in our Life - 06 - 30 October (Tuesdays/Fridays)

Tue Oct 6, 09:00 - Fri Oct 30, 09:45


How to Create Joyful Energy in our Life with Gen Kelsang Mila

Why do we feel so exhausted all the time when our mind has limitless energy and the capacity for limitless joy?

In this series we will be learning what activities and thoughts steal our energy and joy and cause us fatigue and discouragement.


By being patient we can develop our wisdom and compassion for the benefit of ourselves and others.


Join us to learn how, by practising meditation, we can bring positive energy and happiness into our lives.

Every Tuesday and Friday 09h00 to 09h45 between 06th and 30th October.


Everyone is welcome, no experience is required.  

There will be recordings done, should you miss a class. 


How to join in?

Download Zoom. (free). Once purchased your ticket, insert the Zoom ID and Password into your Zoom - Join a Meeting, add your first name, and you will automatically be connected to the class. You don't need to sign in to Zoom.

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