The Madhouse Halloween Murder Mystery with Dukes of Note @ A Touch of Madness

Sat Oct 31, 17:00 - Sat Oct 31, 23:45
A Touch of Madness


The Madhouse Halloween Murder Mystery

"Gather Round (but not too close) at A Touch of Madness this Halloween

for an evening of dinner, dress-up & musical delight

as you join the Dukes of Note for a Murder Mystery night!"


"We are sad to announce that our Great Uncle Duke has been MURDERED!" (GASP)

It's up to you to summon up your deductive & observation skills to get to the bottom of this mystery!

All guests who wish to take part in the Murder Mystery must arrive between 17:00 - 18:00

to receive their first clue and to be an integral part of solving this despicable crime!


Solve riddles behind the identity of other party goers to find the name of the killer!


Search for blood samples scattered throughout the rooms & areas of The Madhouse to deduce where the murder took place!


The killer is trying to hide their trail see if you can find all the possible murder weapons and piece the crime together!

All guests will only have ONE opportunity to name WHO did it, WHERE it took place and WHAT murder weapon was used so be sure to double check your findings!

The first guest to solve the mystery will win themselves an exciting prize along with all the gratitude and fame!


Archduke Knightshade & the Dukes of Note will be your hosts for the evening guiding you through the Murder Mystery and bringing their musical madness in the form of a Live Theatric Carnival Gypsy-Rock band performance to lift the spirits as we celebrate life together once more!

The Dukes will also be bringing their little Dukebox filled with phat bouncy electro swing & balkan beats to keep you dancing and swinging the night away!

"With a little hint of sanity the Dukes will entertain & cure you of your sadness with a simple touch of madness!"


From 17:00 - 19:00 we will be drinking our sorrows away with 241 Beer & 241 Cosmos so say farewell to that lockdown frown!


Get fancy and enjoy a divine 3-course set-menu dining experience or feed those hungry bellies from the variety of options on our a la carte menu!

Table-bookings and reservations essential!

021 447 4650


Admission for all guests will be R100 per head booked online, at the door or added to your reserved table's bill.

DOOR TICKETS will be available via CASH or SNAPSCAN.

Tickets are LIMITED so be sure to get yours ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


  • All guests are encouraged to DRESS-UP.
  • No guest is allowed to TOUCH, TAMPER WITH or MOVE any of the Murder Mystery evidence as this will spoil the fun for everyone so don't be THAT person (it's just embarrassing so make sure you behave!)
  • Temperature screening, washing hands, social distancing and wearing a mask are all still part of our new normal practices and are compulsory for all guests.

"That's all folks!"

We look forward to spending Halloween at A Touch of Madness with you! 

See you then! 

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy Refunds allowed (view policy)


The Madhouse Halloween Murder Mystery with Dukes of Note @ A Touch of Madness
A Touch of Madness
12 Nuttall Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925
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