XinaBox Conclusion - CTE mission workshops

Thu Sep 24, 13:00 - Thu Sep 24, 14:00


Final Proposal Workshop - Thursday 24th September 2020

Wrapping up CubeSat payload design considerations:

  • Pointing and orientation
  • The trade-offs that we need to make when designing our payload
  • Various launch options and opportunities

This workshop will be recorded so that it can be used in the classroom or for review.

Participation is free, yet please book you place, and forward the invitation to others.

On August 18, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education launched CTE Mission: CubeSat, a national challenge to build technical skills for careers in space and beyond. The Department invites high schools to bring space missions to students by designing and building CubeSat prototypes — in the classroom or at home.

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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