Awesome Foursome - One Family bringing a whole lot of Entertainment

Fri Oct 2, 19:00 - Fri Oct 9, 19:00


The von Memerty Family in Awesome Foursome.

Ian (Host of Strictly Come Dancing and Judge on SA’s Got Talent), his wife Viv (former National Latin and Ballroom Champion), his son Oscar (#You Got Got), and daughter Kasvia (Rent & Blood Brothers) come together for their first full length show since 2010.

Oscar will groove with his hip hop moves, 
Kasvia will soothe with her creamy vocals, 
Viv will glide with her effortless style,
Ian will do everything else.

One Family bringing A Whole Lot of Entertainment.
Ian and Oscar trade some very funny gagsevery one dances in every kind of combination, Kasvie and Ian sing from the blues to the heavens. 
Find out what would have happened if the von Trapp Family landed in SA today.

With magnificent lighting from Dave Limbert, shot in the beautiful Magnetic Storm studios, and with music from Jerusalema to Michael Jackson, Disco to Dub stepping, Rumba to Rock n Roll - you will have the biggest grin your face ever.  

We will be live streaming on Friday 2nd October starting at 7pm sharp.

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