Firewalk Cobus Visser Birthday celebration

Sat Nov 7, 16:00 - Sat Nov 7, 20:00
centurion country club


Last Public Firewalk by Cobus Visser for 2020, 

Come and Celebrate his Life, Birthday, Past Firewalks

and end with a bang

Funds raised will go to my charity in support of my birthday

Lets walk on Fire for a Last Time together

We will transform your life and create everlasting changes.

The 3-4hour event is beneficial to each and every one, all we ask is to book now. Seats are limited, so act now before we are fully booked. 

I would love for you to grab this unique opportunity to transform your life 




Dash Singh

I invite business owners in KZN to generate quality leads via an internationally recognised networking organisation.

June 1, 2020, Dash was a client of COBUS’

Wow! That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Cobus Visser and the amazing work him and his team do. I walked on fire because of him and it creates an immediate mind-shift that's so powerful. I appreciated the simple, humble manner in which he helped so many of us to walk on fire for the first time. I recommend everyone give it a shot. Awesome guy. Awesome results

Leigh Carmichael

B2B SaaS Software Marketing Specialist

January 25, 2020, Leigh was a client of COBUS’

On behalf of the management and staff of SurTech, I would like to thank you and everyone on your team for our great firewalk experience yesterday afternoon at 26 Degrees South Hotel.

Many people were skeptical before we started and I was worried there may only be one or two that went through with the experience, but that certainly wasn’t the case on the day. We are a team of strong willed, natural high performers, but you had a way to get everyone focused on that ultimate end goal and reflecting on what they could do differently. We arrange fun activities every few months as a form of team building and I have never received so many WhatsApp messages after the activity. Some of the messages I received from our team were;
“wow, I can’t believe we all did that”,
“this afternoon was so fantastic”,
“I am so hyped after today, that was great”,
“I walked on fire, yes I WALKED ON FIRE!! I am awesome”
"That was the best company day, THANK YOU. It was great to see the team’s morale"

2 Guest speakers for the evening

1 Tjaart van der Walt - Reinvent 7 secrets

2 - Diane Rodrigues - Laughter therapy

WHY should I walk over fire?

  • Firewalking can help individuals learn to face their problems head-on and become inspired to go after anything they put their mind to.
  • Firewalking is something many people would never think about doing, the mention of it can create fear. But what is FEAR and why is it keeping us back?





By adjusting your mindset and having the belief that you can do it...walking over fire can change your life.

When you stand at the end of the fire walk, excited, thrilled and amazed, realising you did not burn your feet, you ask yourself: If I can walk on fire, what am I truly capable of...


Our Firewalk is designed to to show you that anything and everything is possible.

“ Cobus’s story is truly inspirational. What I love about him, he is a living example that if you put your mind to it you can achieve absolutely anything. That night we walked on fire…”

Robin Banks

Shaping your Destiny

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Firewalk Cobus Visser Birthday celebration
centurion country club
Centurion Golf Estate, Centurion, 0046
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