Mind Power 4 Teens (copy)

Wed Sep 30, 10:00 - Sat Oct 10, 17:00


Mind Power 4 Teens:- Presented by Shakes Dlutu with guest teaching segments by Robin Banks

Venue: Online

Dates: 9/10 October

Cost: R1490.00

Age: 13 - 18


Despite the many challenges 2020 has presented us, I am thrilled to announce that many of our Mind Power Graduates are in a state of empowerment and are continuing to succeed produce results in spite of the outer world challenges.
I’m also excited to inform you that we are launching our very first Online Mind Power for Teens 3-day Webinar series.
I honestly believe that Mind Power should be taught as part of the school syllabus in order to adequately prepare our youth for the future and teach them how to manifest their desired outcomes. Imagine if you’d had the tools at a young age how different your life would’ve been.
Shakes Dlutu has been given accreditation from John Kehoe to run the Mind Power for Teens workshops and has successfully done so for some years.
While I will be present for some of the sessions, Shakes is the master when it comes to teaching these techniques to Teens.
Shakes has worked alongside me for 24 years and is a true master in his field. He has an amazing story to share, coming from an extremely poverty stricken background growing up in a shack in Crossroads Cape Town to a being a phenomenal teacher and motivational speaker.
Being a single dad, raising his two children by himself has given Shakes more life experience in dealing with children than any education system ever could have.
His high energy and love for children makes Shakes a profound and passionate facilitator.
Shakes will be running the 3-day Mind Power for Teens and Yvette and I will be supporting him in the process.
The details for the workshop are as follows:·
·         Dates: 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2020 (13-18 year olds)·
·         Venue: online Webinar
·         Times: 10am to 2pm 
·         Mind Power for Teens: US$87/R1490.00
·         (Click Here to book)
The workshop will cover the following content:·
·         The Conscious Mind·
·         Inner & Outer Worlds·
·         Self-Awareness·
·         Johari’s Window·
·         Self-Talk Cycle·
·         Weeding Negatives·
·         Six Laws of the Mind·
·         Seeding & Visualisation·
·         Affirmations·
·         Goal Setting·
Plus a whole lot more….
For any queries or more information on the workshops please email Justine or Tracy at [email protected] / [email protected].
We look forward to welcoming your teens on the programme and to sharing this powerful and life changing material with them.
Don’t Forget to be Awesome!
Robin and Shakes

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