Application of the National Building Regulations SANS 10400:2020 Part T (12 of 17) Rescheduled

Wed Nov 11, 17:30 - Wed Nov 11, 18:30


ASHRAE South African Chapter will host a practical course on the application of the National Building Regulation SANS 10400: 2020: Part T. (session 12 of 17)

The course will be held over 17 months with an hour presentation per month.

Part 12 (rescheduled) being:

11 November 2020

Part 13 being:

09 December 2020

Part 14 being:

20 January 2020

Part 15 being:

17 February 2020

Part 16 being:

17 March 2020

Part 17 being:

14 April 2020

The costs are per seminar, not for all 17 seminars.

The course will be streamed via Zoom.

Please install the software prior to the event if you plan on attending via the webinar. (link to software download page:

The link to join will be shared when you buy your ticket.

Note you may need to login to Quicket for the link to activate.

Each month over the course of 60-minutes and 17 months will cover small grouped clauses which will be thoroughly worked through and discussed.

Course content will cover:

- The practical application of the code with worked examples,

- Associated relevant codes,

- Common misconceptions,

- Regular misinterpreted clauses within the codes,

- Classification of buildings and the impact to the codes and design.

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