Full day Cheese and Cultured butter workshop

Sat Oct 17, 09:00 - Sat Oct 17, 16:00
Cheese and Cultured butter workshop


Full day of cheese - Saturday 17th October 

As part of our quest to be more self sufficient, cheese and butter play a big part in our food consumption - what else in this world could match that perfect hot-out-the-oven sourdough with a fat slab of farm butter? Whilst we dont have our own dairy cow just yet, it is with much excitement that we have teamed up with Elsa, Stanford's own fromager, who will spend the day teaching us how to make the perfect soft cheeses at home.

We will explore the ancient art of butter making the old fashined way, learn how to get your mozzarella just perfect, delicious halloumi, mascarpone and ricotta

We will also discuss the various uses for whey and buttermilk - the "waste" products of cheesemaking - which can take your baking to the next level and be incorporated into many other recipes 

We will be making:

Cultured butter





Cost is R1250ppfor the full day workshop 

Coffee on arrival and lunch will be provided

Limited places available!

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