Tough Conversations: lean in, learn and lead

Thu Sep 17, 09:00 - Thu Sep 17, 10:00


Tough Conversations are everywhere - from offering feedback at work, to sharing how you really feel with your partner. These conversations, or the lack thereof, have a critical and shaping impact on the quality of all our relationships - at work, and at home. 

While there’s no quick fix for the courage and vulnerability needed in tough conversations, we can help you with a framework and some core principles for having these effectively - starting right now.

In this masterclass, you will learn: 

  • How to self-manage before and during a hard conversation
  • 5 essential steps - and why they matter 
  • How to set up your environment to support, and even encourage, a culture of truthful and safe feedback

Lockstep Senior Associate and Head of Enneagram, Angela Deutschmann leads this masterclass. 

Angela Deutschmann

As a Senior Associate at Lockstep, Angela’s core focus is co-facilitating the CEO Accelerators, coaching senior clients and contributing to the personal development aspects of our programmes. As Head of Lockstep’s Enneagram practice it’s also her passion to ensure that our practitioners use this powerful profiling tool with real accuracy, sophistication and expertise.

To Angela, great leadership is not complicated but does require a courageous willingness to operate from the inner ‘genius’ self rather than the ego. When this happens, a leader can positively affect, if not transform, scores of lives. 

She studied at The Universities of Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Wits with a focus on politics and literature. Recent areas of study and interest have been neuroscience and meditation.

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