Embody Balance

Sat Nov 28, 17:00 - Sat Nov 28, 19:00
African Super Studios


Embody Balance is a collaborative creative peace of work that aims to create a space for balancing and re-centering your body. This year has been pretty hectic for many. Covid has caused a lot of shifts, uncertainty, heartache and loss for the people in our country.

Odwa Bongo and Olivia Krouwman have a dream and desire to create a space where we can use our bodies to move and digest all of the unprocessed emotions and intensity that are lingering in our bodies. To calibrate our nervous systems so that we can remind ourselves that we are whole and perfectly created.

To celebrate the homes of our souls, our bodies, that have brought us so far and that will still take us to so many places. In this duo performace Odwa will share his gift of song and Olivia will let the music move and dance her being. You are free to attend this event as witness or as a movement participant. As part of the performance Olivia will also invite some to move with her. We invite you to witness, move, express, process, connect and heal with us.

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Embody Balance
African Super Studios
35 Frere St, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8000
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